Giant anamorphic beach portrait created to promote classical music festival

By on Tuesday, July 1, 2014

To promote the 2014 East Neuk classical music festival in Scotland, a giant ‘anamorphic’ (one of those images that looks 3D/correct when you view it at a certain angle) sand portrait of the composer Franz Schubert was created on Elie Beach, Fife. Sand sculpture company Sand in Your Eye are the company behind it. It appears that the sand is brushed into place to create the effect.


This year marks the tenth anniversary of The East Neuk Festival. According to a blog (below) about the stunt, it’s appeared in the Herald, Daily Record, Scotsman and the Courier as well as featuring on Classic FM. I also spotted Umpf’s Adrian Johnson mention that it had been in The Times.

As you can see, the drawing (which looks to be 20m or so in height, but that’s just guessing) has now sadly been washed away by the sea:


And, as I always like to do, here’s an aerial video of the portrait for the content-hungry amongst you:

Read more: on Sand in Your Eye’s blog about the portrait

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