#DontFakeIt says Durex

By on Friday, June 20, 2014

Capitalising on the excitement and buzz surrounding the beautiful game this summer, Durex launched an integrated global PR, social media and content marketing campaign focusing on the widespread problem of diving and simulation in football, based around the tag line #DontFakeIt .


The campaign is focused on a specially produced piece of content released in reaction to the first major incident of diving (which unsurprisingly took place during the opening match of the tournament!) This film uses super slow motion footage and an overtly dramatic operatic soundtrack to ridicule professional football’s often absurd mid match theatrics and calls for “real connections on AND off the pitch”.


As part of the campaign launch Durex conducted an extensive survey of fans exploring attitudes and links between sex and football, which uncovered some stunning statistics. This included the shocking fact that 40% of men would turn down “quality time” with their partners in favour of watching a game. These results were released to the global press on the eve of the tournament, creating headlines around the world prior to the release of the video following the first instance of diving.


#DontFakeIt is also supported by an international social media campaign, which sees Durex engaging directly in conversation with fans from across the globe through twitter, encouraging the naming and shaming of fakers and encouraging STIMULATION not SIMULATION this summer.

Now that England’s chances of staying in the competition are slim, that 40% of men may have a different view on things…

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