California Cops Are Pulling People Over For The Best Reason Ever

By on Wednesday, May 14, 2014

‘Goodbye Serious’ campaign by Walls.

Getting pulled over is the worst. Your heart drops as the panic sets in, then as you’re pulling over you question whether you should speed off and attempt to lose them Fast and Furious style. In the end, reality kicks in and you just pull over.

But in a recent promotion for Wall’s Ice Cream, a group of police officers in Quincy, California decided to give people a fresh experience with the cops.

Using their law-appointed power, the cops pulled over a few unsuspecting citizens and then fired a few questions at them.

After the innocents appeared to be nice and terrified, the officers retreated to their cars to get them a special treat that’s much, much better than a ticket.


Also as part of the ‘Goodbye Serious’ campaign, a few weeks before this they set up what looked like a normal bench in Columbia. However, when strangers were seated, at the press of a button it was unexpectedly turned into a see-saw  bringing the child hiding inside everyone out.

(more videos on the YouTube page)

Agency: Adam&EveDDB

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