World’s first interactive ‘TV bus’ unveiled as part of London Live promo tour

By on Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I’ve been working with marketing agency Curb Media recently. You might remember them as being behind campaigns such as the OXO tower PlayStation 4-inspired facelift, the gender-targeting ads for charity Plan UK and Paddy Power’s ‘sky tweets’ at the Ryder Cup.

In short, they make very cool things happen and as a lover of campaigns like these (I did create the site you find yourself on, dedicated to such things, after all), it’s good to be working alongside them.

Their latest campaign is equally impressive and is the first I’ve been working on from a PR perspective. Well, they’ve only gone and created the world’s first interactive ‘TV bus’, haven’t they?

Crowd at the TV bus lower res

Experts spent more than 1,000 man hours ‘hacking’ a double decker to create the world’s first TV bus – with one side covered with more than 230,400 LEDs. The bus, owned by Curb, has already been called upon to tour London to promote the launch of London Live, the capital’s first dedicated 24/7 TV entertainment channel.

At 36 square metres, it is the largest vehicular screen ever built and after Wembley Stadium, it is the largest outdoor TV screen in London and (spec bit) ‘delivers more than 24 billion colours at one hundred frames a second’.

Here’s the bus at Marble Arch as part of its London Live tour:

Live and pre-recorded content promoting the channel will be projected onto the 3m tall screen, accompanied by sound from the ‘advanced 6 kilowatt onboard sound system’ (which means next to nothing to me – sorry, sound geeks).

The bus will screen live content including real-time social media interactions, as well as pre-recorded content. The technical wizardry, such as being able to show geo-located tweets and real-time results of London Live’s onsite polls is all being controlled throughout the tour by digital out-of-home agency Enigma.


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