Suits You Sir: World’s Most Powerful Suit Launches in Australia

By on Tuesday, April 29, 2014

When it comes to PR, we all love a world’s first and Australian menswear retailer, MJ Bale, is no different.

This week the suit makers teamed up with Heritage Bank to create the first suit in the world to be fitted with a payment microchip meaning those wearing the incredibly stylish suits, can pay for their lunch with a flick of their wrist and swipe of their suit jacket.

'The World's Most Powerful Suit'. Credit: The Age

‘The World’s Most Powerful Suit’. Credit: The Age

The microchip in the suit jacket is invisible to the unbeknown eye, as the company don’t want to compromise on the quality of the suit, but means those lucky enough to be able to afford the suit can pay for day-to-day goods without scrambling around for their wallet and by simply swiping their wrists. It sounds pretty Bond-esque with MJ Bale branding their new suit as ‘the world’s most powerful’. I’d imagine it would do wonders for your street cred too.

The microchipped suit has been designed as a PR prototype for now but the company are apparently keen to roll out the initiative further based on customer demand. MJ Bale also has a fair amount of coverage up their sleeves with publications across Australia including The Age and marketing media worldwide picking up on the story this week.

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