Fast Lane Shopping Trial

By on Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield has begun a trial for a new overtaking lane for shoppers today – reports ITV News.


via ITV Yorkshire

‘The new scheme has been introduced after 10 year old Chloe wrote to the South Yorkshire shopping centre, asking if anything could be done about slow walkers holding her up.’

According to the Daily Telegraph, she listed a whole host of reasons why sluggish shoppers should be sped up, adding: “Will you ever tell people not to walk so slow? If you do this for me I will be delighted – please do it.”

The primary school pupil then went on to propose an over-taking lane so people could pick their own pace.


Activating ideas around customer suggestion letters has proved a successful PR fodder in recent years.

Especially when the ideas put forward have been generated by adorable children.

Sainsbury’s famously renamed tiger bread to giraffe bread after a complaint letter from a 3-year-old and York Railway museum created a dream job for six-year-old Sam Pointon who wrote to the museum and applied to replace retiring director Andrew Scott.


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