Pepsi Max Inspired Runner Pulls Off Unbelievable 360 Degree Trick

By on Monday, February 24, 2014

To demonstrate the power of Pepsi Max, the brand commissioned a viral stunt from free runner Damien Walters. The world competitor in trampolining attempted to run a 360 degree loop. This is the sort of breathtaking stunt you would expect from a cartoon game hedgehog called Sonic and makes for a captivating viral video.

It follows his emotional journey from crash mats to triumph, as the safety net gets pulled away and he has to run the full loop. Pepsi Max have captured the spirit of its hashtag #LiveForNow. Even the hazard warnings at the beginning that people should not try to copy the stunt are enticing for the viewer. Its powerful message speaks to the drinkers of Pepsi Max, that they too have the potential to do something ‘unbelievable’.

Check out the full video for this amazing stunt:

Involved agency: AMV BBDO

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