Calvin Klein bare all with sexy social #mycalvins campaign

By on Sunday, February 23, 2014

Calvin Klein is a brand that very much knows which side of their social-media bread is buttered, and that is one with an extra layer of sexy.

So, when it came to breathing new life into advertising its iconic range of underwear, they decided that the age old tactic of getting beautiful folk to dawn its minimalist undergarments needed an edge. So, not feeling the need to move too far away from what works (and let’s face it, it does) Calvin Klein have brought things into 21st century social media, upgrading the formula and encouraging their stable of models to take Instagram based selfies of themselves in their undercrackers – using the hashtag #mycalvins.

With everyone from supermodel Miranda Kerr, bland songstress Fergie, a well groomed bloke named Adam Gallagher and R&B type Trey Songz regularly posting pics of themselves in little else that their Calvin’s – predictably receiving thousands upon thousands of likes as a result.


Over 100 carefully selected ‘influencers’ from around the globe have been paid to get in on the act, with the campaign being billed as having a reach of around 250 million already – engaging directly with their core demographic in elegant and (relatively) inexpensive fashion.

Adding another layer of engagement atop of proceedings, the campaign is being spun-out even further as every man and his dog are being encouraged to strip-off and use the hashtag to show their Calvin’s – thus mobilising the masses as unpaid self-perpetuating brand ambassadors.

A wonderful example of clever, clearly defined and incredibly economical social-media advertising – this is a shining example of how big brands are succeeding to mobilise one of the fasted growing online platforms for their own commercial ends.

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