Nando’s reacts to Adnan Januzaj’s date night #AdNandos

By on Monday, January 27, 2014

In brief:

Adnan Januzaj (a Man Utd football player, aged 18, on £30,000 a week) took a bird (knee slapper!) out on a date to Nando’s.

Melissa McKenzie was peeved when Januzaj turned up in tracksuit bottoms and trainers and let her pay for parking after she had allegedly picked him up from a street corner where his mum had dropped him off.

The Sun paper reports that Januzaj did fork out £18 for dinner before the evening moved on to to a three-star hotel, where the pair watched The X Factor.


Wasting no time to react, Nando’s has offered to pay for the next date by giving Adnan a £50 voucher. The message, issued via Twitter and using the hashtag #AdNandos has seen over 10,000 retweets in one hour, reaching approx 371,000 people!


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