Kids asked to draw UK politicians to ‘help save the country money’ after portrait scandal

By on Friday, January 17, 2014

Hijacking the news that British MPs ‘splurged’ £250,000 of taxpayers money on vanity portraits (original story here), educational website iChild has partnered with online adopt-a-monster game Moshi Monsters to run a drawing competition with a difference.

Kids are being invited to enter a drawing of a politician of their choice and in doing so, *caution, there be snark ahead* prove that portraits needn’t cost taxpayers a penny. Oh, and much like the pictures of David Cameron and Boris Johnson below, there’s every chance they’ll make them look a bit funny, too.

Boris Johnson David Cameron kids art competition

MPs and politicians with children are also being asked to get them involved, though they might get Malcolm Tuckered if any of them are simple enough to directly contribute to a PR campaign that prolongs the story.

In a media quote-friendly introduction, iChild said:

When the team heard that MPs were spending thousands of pounds on their portraits, we challenged the children of the UK to help save the country money.

Can the children save the UK money and design a portrait of their local politician for less than £22,000?!

The top prize is a tour of Moshi Monsters’ HQ in London, where ‘the winner will come away with lots of Moshi goodies’. 10 runners up will receive a Moshi Monsters goody bag.

The competition, open to all UK children aged 16 or under, starts officially on Monday 20 January and will run for two weeks. More information and a gallery of efforts already drawn by kids to kick-start the campaign can be found here.

Source: The Independent

Involved agency: Campbell Brown


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