is looking for the UK’s Naked Sledding World Champions!

By on Thursday, January 16, 2014

For the first time in the history of the Naked Sledding World Championships, the UK have been given two slots for two lucky Brits to represent their country!

The Naked Sledding World Championship 2014 will be taking place in Braunlage, Germany, with a total of 30 contestants representing 15 countries. Men and women can apply, they simply need to be quirky, fun and happy to strip down to their pants (helmet and shoes too!) to sled down an 89m hill with the others. The first male and first female across the line win the race – with a cash prize of €1000 for each winner.



Once the race is over, the sledding track is then converted into the ideal after-party zone where the 25,000+ spectators / contestants and fans can party the night away. have been tasked with selecting the lucky two participants for the Naked Sledding World Championships and has created a fun campaign in order to find them;

To enter, for more information, or to view the uncut edit of the video, has created a quirky blog entry – The Naked Sledding World Championship 2014

Involved agency: 10 Yetis (the agency I work at!)

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