Rude customers pay more for coffee in French café

By on Thursday, December 12, 2013

A café in Nice has put the prices of coffee up for those customers who don’t say please when ordering. In a good-humoured move designed to encourage politeness, La Petite Syrah charges €7 for rude customers, €4.25 for those who say please and €1.40 for those who greet the server.

The charges are all outlined to customers on a board behind the counter.


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Manager Fabrice Pepino says: “It started as a joke because at lunchtime people would come in very stressed and were sometimes rude to us when they ordered a coffee.”

What was previously an unknown café in the south of France, La Petite Syrah has now very much been put on the map, seeing coverage in The Mail Online, The MirrorHuffington Post, and The Telegraph


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