Giant Louis Vuitton suitcase in Moscow’s Red Square ‘sparks outrage’

By on Thursday, November 28, 2013

Luxury brand Louis Vuitton (for some reason, my go-to brand when I think of people who need expensive things to make themselves feel better than people with less expensive things) has been ordered to remove a giant suitcase set up in Moscow’s Red Square.

Louis Vuitton pavilion which is in the shape of a giant suitcase in Moscow

According to the Mail Online, it’s sparked ‘outrage’ amongst Russians. That as it may be (in which case, congratulations Louis Vuitton), it has to be noted that journalists at the Mail Online are seemingly appraised on their ability to insert the phrase ‘sparking outrage’ into every post. See this here Google search and judge for yourself.

The suitcase-shaped pavilion, erected (snigger) 10 days ago outside outside department store GUM, lies across the square from the Kremlin, causing tourists and Russians to complain it was blocking landmarks.

On Wednesday, GUM said it had asked Louis Vuitton to take down the pavilion – for which the GUM nor the Kremlin denied giving permission.

The 30ft-high by 100ft-long suitcase was designed to house an exhibit about travellers who had used the brand’s luggage in the past, the proceeds from which were to go to the Naked Hearts children’s foundation of Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova.

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