Cluckin’ Hell it’s a KFC Candle

By on Sunday, November 24, 2013

Providing solution to the age old problem of ‘making your house smell like a cheap hangover cure’, those clever lads and ladies (mostly lads I reckon) at The Kentucky for Kentucky company have created the Fried Chicken scented candle.

A cut, dried, battered and fried PR stunt from these rootin’ tootin’ mock rednecks – publicising their range of confederate themed products – owners of these romantic smell burners can enjoy the pong of the Colonel’s secret blend of 11 herbs and spices all the live long day.

Purportedly made from genuine fried chicken and all-natural soy wax, the waft provides an authentic fast-food stench courtesy of ‘artisan candle maker’ Katy Werking *sneer*

Described by their website as letting “the fresh, fried sizzle of savoury golden goodness drift into your hearts and homes”, this little waxy beauty is available for only $22 (around 13 quid).

What’s more, the fried chicken candle offers the perfect accompaniment to other products on offer online, ranging from a ‘Kentucky Derby’ mint julep smelling candle, to oversized undies, Colonel Sanders moonshine flasks and curiously, some ‘George Clooney is a Beautiful Man’ posters – which will no doubt have the Republican right reaching for their pitchforks and moonshine.



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