Virgin Launch Genius Musical Safety Video For American Flights

By on Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Starting Friday, Virgin America will be rolling out a hilarious safety video set to a routine of music and dance. If you are bored by the usual safety instructions, this video will delight. It gives instructions on how to use a seatbelt, evacuate a plane and find the doors on your way out. The difference is that passengers will enjoy these usually dull routines with a cheesy but delightful fusion of power ballad, rap and techno music.


¬†They have recruited former American Idol contestant and YouTube sensation Todrick Hall to provide music. A troupe of 36 talented dancers using 14 styles from tango to pop-and-locking completes the video. On Instagram, Virgin America have launched a competition where the public can audition for a future safety video. All they have to do is show off their ‘moves’ in a 15 second video tagged with #VXsafetydance.

Watch the video to discover how they have turned five minutes of Federal Aviation Administration safety instructions into an entertainment spectacle and viral hit:

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