Lufthansa Offers Dream Life In Berlin If You Change Your Name

By on Sunday, October 20, 2013

German airline Lufthansa have offered a new life with all expenses paid for one Swedish citizen. The only catch is that person has to have legally changed their name to Klaus-Heidi. They promise you a one-way ticket with private chauffeur, a luxury apartment, language lessons and a bike to explore your new neighbourhood. You even get an attractive neighbour called Dieter. This PR campaign has created quite a stir on social media and people are even considering the drastic move. Around 300 people have already enquired about changing their name on a Swedish government website.

The underlying message of the stunt is to add a bit of exotic mystery to the destinations that Lufthansa flies to. It also emphasises their discounts. For example, if you do not want to legally change your name in Sweden, you can get a discount of 200 sek anyway. Go a step further and change it on Facebook and earn a discount of 500 sek, or about £50. You can watch their promotional video below:

Involved agency: DDB Stockholm

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