Slim Jim: Give the gift of meat

By on Thursday, August 29, 2013

Say the name Slim Jim to me and I automatically think of 80’s wrestling icon (and 90s Slim Jim ambassador) Macho Man Randy Savage. So, it’s safe to say that the brand needs to find something equally as memorable to – well – bring dried sausage meat into the 21st century.

Its latest campaign certainly gives it a good shot.

The “Become a Slim Jim Donor” campaign pleads with its male target audience to “give the gift of meat” in order to combat “male spice loss”.



You’re probably wondering what male spice loss is. Fear not, for they have explained it in this in video form.

The idea of the campaign seems to be that you, fearless meat loving man, promise to buy not one, but two Slim Jim bars. One for you, and one for your weedy friend. If you upload a photo of said weedy friend to Instagram with #SlimJimDonor, you could even win a special donor shirt. A shirt that proclaims to the world: “I gave meat today.”

What do you think, is this new social media heavy Slim Jim campaign going to be enough to outshine a 20-year-old advert? I’m not so sure.

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