UK’s most expensive loaf produced for royal baby

By on Friday, July 5, 2013

And so it begins. Royal baby fever is in full swing and this is the third PR stunt I’ve seen today surrounding the poor mite.

This a good one though, because the content is shareable, the message instantly understood, and as we learned long ago, food porn is always a winner.

So, to mark the birth of the royal baby, Cheshire-based Roberts Bakery has created 50 limited-edition loaves of bread which cost £30 a go to make – presumably because a royal baby will obvs be loaded.

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The bread/brioche creation contains dried apricots, glace cherries, pineapple, and real gold leaf surrounding a crown shaped crust.

It also contains Welsh water from Brecon Carreg, apparently in a nod to Prince William’s heritage, which has got to win some kind of award for most tenuous link in a stunt yet.

The loaf will be available to 50 consumers who register for them at the Roberts Bakery website, and the winners will be chosen at random once the baby has been born.

Roberts Bakery MD Mike Braddock said: “This is our way of toasting the new arrival that the whole country has been waiting for. We hope everyone who gets to try it agrees.”

The story was released by The Grocer today and will probably see a fair bit of coverage over the weekend.

Image credit: The Grocer

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