Cadbury creates life-size delectable chocolate picnic bench

By on Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We’re all guilty of hijacking national days/holidays/events for an easy PR win but Cadbury has come up with one of the nicest examples I’ve seen in a while.

A clean and simple way to “mark National Picnic Week”, the chocolate giant has created a completely edible chocolate picnic bench which can support a family of four.

Blog - Cadbury bench

The 60kg beast is the ultimate in food porn, and add some quirky photos and you’ve got some damn shareable content.

The bench made its appearance at the Cotswold Wildlife Park, Oxfordshire, to mark National Picnic Week, which takes place from 17-23 June.

Blog - Cadbury bench 2

Stacked in a basket on the bench were 400 Picnic bars, which presumably were given out to members of the public. I for one had forgotten Picnic bars even existed so this little stunt is a great example of real-life working PR!

It’s seen coverage in The Sun, Huffington Post and The Daily StarYum.

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