PBS mocks reality TV with cheeky print ad campaign

By on Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I like to think of myself as a pretty cultured girl. However, that’s not to say that if I’m sitting at home flipping through the TV channels and an episode of Masterchef/Storage Wars/Duck Dynasty/pick your favourite reality show comes on, I will likely stick around and watch. (And when I’m visiting friends across the pond, you know the first thing I do when I land is hit up 4oD to find out who Spencer’s dating now on Made in Chelsea).

But you’ve got to admit that reality TV has spun a little out of control as of late, with every concept imaginable being turned into a show.

America’s public broadcaster, PBS, has a long history of producing innovative, educational and programming, from Frontline to Sesame Street. And it looks like they’ve also had enough.

In an effort to bring attention to the need for quality programming, and the role that PBS can play in that, one of the station’s New York affiliates, Thirteen, has produced a collection of print ads showing up in subway stations. The ads show posters for fake upcoming reality TV shows, and drive home the message that, “The fact you thought this was a real show says a lot about the state of TV”

See all the ads at Awful Advertising

Coming soon to a TV near you...or not.

Coming soon to a TV near you…or not.

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