Huggies TweetPee device sends tweet when baby wets diaper

By on Tuesday, May 14, 2013


When I read this first I almost pee'd myself!

Huggies have created a device called TweetPee in Brazil, which consists of a sensor being clipped onto the diaper. When the diaper gets wet, it will alert oh so busy parents by tweeting them – publicly, and telling the world that their baby just pissed themselves.

The device works with a TweetPee app that lets parents monitor diaper moisture, inventory and keeps count

of the average amount of diapers their baby uses.

Unlike the Durex 'Fundawear' this device is real, but at the moment it's only being tested on 4 parents (not literally I hope!). Kimberly-Clark, who own Huggies, are aiming to expand this to 10 parents by July.

Here's a video, but it only seems to be available in Portuguese:

Already people are seeing it negatively, and wondering what effect the radio waves are having on the baby's area at such a young age, and questioning if it's safe.

A lot of people are saying it's sending the wrong message, especially for a brand that relies heavily on mothers to purchase, should they be telling mums to ignore their baby's and put their trust in an app?

The agency who created this was Ogilvy, Brazil.


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