Tweeters make all the decisions for BrewDog’s newest beer

By on Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beer producers BrewDog are giving all the power to their online fans this week as they create ‘the first democratically designed craft beer’.

Control of every decision made about the new drink will go to users of social media, with the beer due to be brewed up and sold following the votes.

Every day this week the beer innovators will post a blog at midday, offering three options for various elements of the brew. Users can then cast a vote on Twitter, tweeting @BrewDog with the hastag #MashTag, or via comments on the Facebook page or blog



Votes for ‘Beer Style’ took place on Monday, ‘Malt Bill & ABV’ on Tuesday, ‘Hops & IBU’ yesterday, and today is the turn of ‘Special Twist’ (i.e. will it be barrel aged? Dry hopped?). I’m not going to pretend to know what most of that terminology means, but to beer connoisseurs far and wide I’m sure it’s exciting! On Friday, the final vote will take place for the name of the beer.

BrewDog say “We have always been inspired by the passion, knowledge and enthusiasm of craft beer drinkers. We have decided that democratic beer is the future and we are giving up the important brewing decisions to our fans, customers and anyone who wants to learn more about the craft brewing process and cast their vote.”

The move has seen great interaction with Twitter users, and has picked up coverage in The Herald and Yahoo! Lifestyle

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