Car Perfume

By on Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Luxury British car maker Bentley have diversified by going into the male grooming market. They have launched a range of fragrances for men – including a limited edition bottle which will cost £3,000. The bespoke Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition – in a 40cl crystal bottle shaped like the legendary ‘Flying B’ Bentley mascot – carries a £3,000 price tag. The eau de toilette will cost £43 for a 60 ml bottle and £59.50 for 100 ml. The Intense eau de parfum costs £69.50 for 100 ml. There is also an aftershave balm at £32 and Hair & Body Shampoo at £24.

It’s a natural story. Bentley have done something completely unexpected that will generate hard news and plenty of product placement. Grooming editors will be licking their lips at the

prospect of trying out something new. The hefty price tag of the limited edition range also makes a nice story. This has been accompanied by some great cut-out shots.

Source: Mail Online

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