The Sun aims to brighten up M6 commuters day, by paying their toll charge!

By on Monday, January 21, 2013

Today (Monday 21st Jan) is dubbed ‘Blue Monday’ due to the weather, debt since Christmas and failed New Years resolutions depressing us – according to a 2005 study anyway.

However fear not, The Sun’s Smile Squad, along with a couple of Page 3 girls, will take on the snow and man four lanes of the M6 motorway today.

This stunt is all part of the wider ‘Big Smile Giveaway’ campaign by The Sun, adding to the sing-a-long advert trying to encourage people to ‘Get Involved’.

The stunt also introduced a new smartphone app – in addition to The Sun subscription paper one – called the Sun Smile App.
Rob Painter, Marketing Director at The Sun, explained it “will give people access to 15 of our best stories every day for free” over the next three months. (Available on iOS and Android)

I’ve got to say, The Sun is one of the only papers that are trying to bring a smile to our face, instead of just pushing all the recent doom and gloom news. Everyone enjoying the #snowpocalypse?

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