Find out how many days you have to live with Diesel’s ‘Time To Live’ campaign.

By on Thursday, January 24, 2013

I know this may be on the borderline of PR and digital marketing. However, the campaign itself is getting a lot of social media and online coverage.


Diesel has created a site where you can find out how many days you have left to live as part of their ‘Time To Live’ campaign, so that you may waste them more bravely.

Users will be asked harmless questions such as their height, weight and eating habits—to more private questions, like medical history and sexual experiences.


After answering all their questions, Diesel will calculate the number of days the user has left before dying.

At the same time, you can shop the Diesel watch collection which subtly appears on the models wrists during the hold screens, without interrupting your survey progress and then checkout at the end!

Click here to find out if your days are numbered.

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