E-Lites makes ‘lite’ of smoking debate with first TV ad in Europe

By on Saturday, January 26, 2013

E-Lites have taken 2013 as their year to shimmy boldly into the spotlight, being the first electronic cigarette brand in Europe to brave the TV airwaves.


The 30-second ad features a baby taking his first steps after which he sensationally breaks out the dance moves of ‘Gangnam Style’. And what better way to make a video go viral than riding on the back of Psy’s K-pop chart-topper?

The ad has been produced in line with their ‘What are you missing?’ campaign which homes in on one of the many drawbacks of smoking traditional tobacco – that is, the things you miss when you go out for that cigarette on your own. The campaign sidelines the nitty gritty of the science in favour of something slightly more trivial, and (conveniently) considerably more marketable.

The science is not something taken lightly by the brand though (mind the pun), and they have tweeted hash-tag #smokefree to remind us of their real USP.

The science behind the e-cig speaks for itself, with the vast majority of the bad stuff including tar and carcinogens gone. For me, replacing something so harmful can only be a good thing, even if only a temporary measure.

E-Lites marketing director Trevor Field said: “We understand the implications of this and anticipate a reaction, as an e-cigarette brand we take our responsibilities seriously. We appreciate that it is better to quit smoking altogether but there are millions of smokers out there who are unwilling or unable to quit. E-Lites offer a harm reducing alternative and we feel strongly that we can give smokers a healthier and cheaper option to tobacco cigarettes.”

The ad is currently #6 most watched video this week on Youtube, and is aired in the UK from 19th January 2013 on ITV, Channel 5 and satellite TV.

Source: E-Lites Blog

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