Light up your life – at the bus stop!

By on Thursday, December 6, 2012

As we struggle to cope with the dark nights and dark mornings in the UK, spare a thought for our Scandinavian neighbours. In the depths of winter daylight in Umea only lasts around four and a half hours, meaning that the only glimmer of sunlight people get is often through a window during the working day!

This has prompted the energy company Umea Energy to install light therapy panels in bus stops throughout Umea to help commuters fight off the winter blues. Over the next three weeks, the company will install light therapy panels in place of advertising boards at 30 bus stops.

However to feel the full effects commuters may need to catch a later bus, as half an hour’s exposure per day is the ‘benchmark’ amount suggested to have an impact. As a regular bus commuter myself, I think I would prefer to get my bus then hang around at a bus stop for an extra half an hour!


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