CineMode brings back the silent movie

By on Sunday, November 25, 2012

A recent survey revealed people find mobile and smartphone use in cinemas one of the biggest irritants but now one cinema brand believes it has created the perfect solution. American movie theater chain Cinemark has rolled out CineMode for its Android and iOS app, which lets moviegoers earn rewards when they don’t use their handset during a film.

When the movie’s about to start, you launch the app and click ‘Turn CineMode On’. Your screen will then dim, and you will be prompted to set volume to vibrate.

Assuming you stay in CineMode for the duration of the movie, you will earn a reward each time you see a movie, for example a free drink when you buy some popcorn.

It is a nice stunt, as even those who didn’t use their phones during the cinema are likely to download the app for a free gift, but I think people will need more to deter them to stop using their phone completely.

Source: The Next Web

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