Canary Wharf wakes up to a giant cup of coffee

By on Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Yesterday morning saw Italian coffee machine makers De’Longhi’s attempt at breaking the Guinness World Record by making the largest cup of coffee. The cup was a welcome sight at Canary Wharf tube station in the heart of the financial district.

The enormous giant blue coffee cup stood at 2.9m by 2.6m wide holding 216,000 expressos – that’s a huge caffeine boost! It took a team of four designers and builders some 504 hours to put together the coffee cup.

The current record of 12,847.69 litres was set in Puerto Rico last year by De’Longhi’s with 13,000 litres of coffee which weighed in at 12.8 tonnes when full.

How high? The cup contained the equivalent of 216,000 expressos

Involved agency: Clarion Comms

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