Mercedes-Benz create an interactive advert which users control via Twitter

By on Monday, October 1, 2012

On Saturday 06 October, Mercedes-Benz UK will create a social media innovation by launching the first set of interactive Television adverts under the hashtag #YOUDRIVE.

The 3-part stunt is to promote the companies new A-Class, and invites Twitter users to control the plot of the adverts, being aired during the commercial break of this weekends X Factor, by tweeting either #hide or #evade as the story’s protagonists run from the police.

Reminiscent of the Goosebumps series around during my childhood, I personally think this is a brilliant and frankly quite exciting bit of PR; only thing being we won’t be able to turn back the pages and choose the other option if the characters meet a sticky ending.

Watch the promotional Youtube video here:
Youtube Mercedes-Benz YOUDRIVE campaign

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