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By on Friday, September 14, 2012

When it comes to big and flashy launch events, us PRs tend to focus on what’s going at the physical event. It’s all checking the microphone is working, bums on seats, enough drinks and nibbles, and so on. We might also live tweet. Cos, you know, Twitter and that.

Not so with EE, the new brand from mobile operator Everything Everywhere. The company announced the UK’s first 4G network this week (or fourth generation if you prefer), which sounds dull but actually means much, much faster Internet on your phone. Which is quite nice.

In addition to a glitzy launch event at everyone’s go-to-tech-themed-venue the Science Museum, some hard-working person has been plugging away on the company’s shiny new Twitter handle. And I really mean plugging. The level of activity and engagement is pretty darn high, which is good considering how many people are interested grabbing their own slice of the 4G pie.

Amongst a ton of individual @replies to people asking questions of EE, there are a few mini stunts and off-the-cuff responses that are pretty clever. Here’s but three from the last four days.

Somewhere in or between Bethnal Green and Sheffield there is a web and online expert called Dan Barker. Dan decided to take a look at EE’s website code, and posted his thoughts on his Google+ account. EE obviously liked this, as they’ve decided to send the budding code detective a Sherlock DVD (although he’s opted for an interview with their web guy instead, sorry Cumberbatch).

EE 1 Dan Baker

EE has also been doling out digital rewards, of a sort, as interaction online increased. The first person to post on the company’s Facebook timeline got this digital plaque to cherish forever, while the 10,000th Twitter follow got a name check in this one.

EE 2 Facebook

EE 3 Twitter 10k

There’s also been a few more tailored responses. @caraghjane got this for her logo inspired manicure, while @HollyMayMahoney got this for signing off a tweet with an ‘x’ kiss.

EE 4 nails

EE 5 Kiss

EE is entering a competitive market where brand recognition is very important. Starting from scratch against household names like o2 and Vodafone is a tall order, but one the company seems to be rising to. The message of ‘fast’ is also coming through; witness the Twitter 10k follower image.

EE is doing pretty well on volume too, over 12,000 followers in less than four days. Of course, the high profile nature of the news has helped to drive interest in the company and therefore its social channels. But EE is sure doing a good job of taking advantage of this, even if they might have caused some confusion on pronunciation.

And just to cover myself, I wrote this off my own back without any thought of reward. On an unrelated topic, I don’t have season two of Sherlock on DVD yet…

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