American man ‘selling’ entire life and video game chain for $3.5m in win-win PR stunt

By on Monday, August 13, 2012

Shane Butcher, founder of the R.U. GAME? chain of stores in Florida, has decided to sell his entire life on eBay for $3.5m – here’s the listing. The listing includes his house and condo (along with everything inside), three cars, three kayaks, his video game collection, and all three R.U. GAME? locations.

Shane will act as a consultant for six months to ease the transition of ownership, as well as make a year’s worth of lease payments in advance for all three locations.

Given that I seriously doubt that anybody will pay three and a half million dollars for somebody’s material possessions, this is a fantastic, low-budget PR effort, gaining the store and website target coverage and links in local, trade (video gaming) and national media.

Here’s a (long) video about his bid for publicity. It looks like he started it in early July, meaning Butcher has got some fantastic exposure for next to no outlay. It was win-win for him either way.

Source: JoyStiq, tweeted by Dynamo PR’s Tim Lovell

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