Lynx screens worlds 1st sound-activated cinema ad in UK

By on Thursday, July 19, 2012

To advertise their shampoo range, Lynx will unveil the world’s first sound-activated advertisement before ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ screenings in five Odeon cinemas across the UK for a period of 2 weeks. Cinema goers in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Scotland will be encouraged to participate by cheering on the ad, which will determine the direction the content takes – quite literally ‘the Lynx effect’.

The advert will “show men in different scenarios keeping up with a variety of girls”, after which the audience will be invited “to pick which girl they find the most demanding” and “cheer for the clip (and girl) they would like to see in full.”

This interactive technology works by linking an audio trigger to a server which will gauge the interaction and feed the result back to the screen ‘in real time’. The clip (or girl) with the loudest response will then be played in full before the film.

Could this be the future of cinema advertising? Or, interactive screenings in a broader sense?

Kavi Tolani, brand manager for Lynx, said: “We’re fully expecting someone to start making movies that use this technology, so we’ll be getting ready to cheer for the aliens to win in Independence Day 2.”

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