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By on Friday, June 29, 2012

This is one of mine so forigve me for hyping it up.

JML have recently launched a product called the Belvia Bra. I decided to get some publicity by arranging for a skydiver to test dive the bra.

Skydiving coach, Laura Muller from Yeadon in West Yorkshire tested the new Belvia Bra, created by JML, and was delighted with its comfort. Laura donned the bra which doesn’t have hooks or underwires to prove to women how comfortable the undergarment is.


As she accelerated to more than 150 miles per hour, the bra stayed just where it was supposed to. She said “I was approached by JML to do the jump and I thought I would give it a try – anything for a giggle.”

The skydiver fully endorsed the bra and said it was one of the best she came across: “If a bra can stay comfortable at 150 mph, then it can certainly withstand a night out partying.”

It’s been featured on MSN, The Mail Online, The Huffington Post and The Sun Online

Source: JML

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