The Make-Up Map

By on Monday, April 16, 2012

I literally can't believe this hasn't been done before – a make-up map of Britain. An excellent story that has appeared in papers across the weekend that visually demonstrates the nation's use of make-up.

The cleverly crafted research has been cut-up with different angles to appeal to specific media titles.  and  Debenhams own the article in the Telegraph which looked more at how we apply our make-up on public transport  with “the vast majority – 89 per cent of those surveyed – admitted “touching up” their make up which travelling on trains, tubes and buses.” 

Ruth Attridge, spokesperson for Debenhams said, “Make up application is now a frequent sight during the weekday rush hour. It’s blusher, not blushes these days.”

The Independent runs a similar piece featuring John Lewis and Mintel insight with “New research suggests women in Newcastle, the setting for Geordie Shore, buy more moistur

iser than shoppers elsewhere; women in Manchester purchase the most nail varnish”.

“I think stereotypes exist for a reason,” said Vivienne Rudd, head of beauty and personal care insight at research analysts Mintel. “I am not saying that all the women in the North-west and North are the same as you see on the reality TV programmes but there is a grain of truth there, that the women in these regions do like to be seen to have a flawless appearance.”

Having read several articles on this story now there has been great exposure for, Debenhams, John Lewis, Superdrug, and Mintel but who ultimately owns the PR story is unclear. However, it does demonstrate how packaging a powerful brand punch can create excellent coverage.

Source: Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent


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