EA sends Mass Effect 3 into space; gives gamers chance to snag early copy

By on Friday, February 17, 2012

EA is sending early copies of the highly anticipated’ video game Mass Effect 3 into space.

Weather balloons have been in the news a couple of times in the last month or two. You may remember the recent stunt where a Lego man was sent into space, and another where an iPad survived a 10,000 foot fall thanks to its protective G-force case.

EA send Mass Effect 3 into space using weather balloon

Well, in this instance, weather balloons carrying copies of Mass Effect 3 – not available until March 6th – are set to launch from New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Berlin, London and Paris.

This from IGN:

“The games will be equipped with a GPS tracking device, allowing fans to track their progress. When the balloons land, anyone who finds one will be able to snag a copy of Mass Effect 3 a week or more ahead of its release.”

I really like this, giving fans an incentive to get involved – and gaining loads of targeted coverage along the way.

Source: IGN

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