Top 10 Super Bowl Teaser Ads

By on Monday, February 7, 2022

With the NFL’s Super Bowl fast approaching, the world’s top brands are again competing for airtime during the championship game’s highly coveted commercial breaks. Here are the best teaser ads ahead of the big game.

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Super Bowl adverts have become a cultural phenomenon of their own alongside the high-profile American Football 2022 playoffs, with many watching the game purely to enjoy the adverts. The commercials are famed for their surreal humour, wacky tone, celebrity appearances, and cinematographic quality, entertaining viewers of one of the most-watched annual sports games.

Sporting News reported that a 30-second commercial for Super Bowl 54 in 2020 cost about $5.6 million, and this year’s game on February 13th has hiked the price up to $7 million per 30 second ad slot.

Out of all the top-budget teasers ads published so far, here are Famous Campaigns’ Top 10 Super Bowl Teaser Commercials of 2022.

Kicking off with the most star-studded (and one of the most bizarre) ad campaigns is Uber Eats. Enlisting huge names Jennifer Coolidge, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Trevor Noah, the food delivery service is teasing their ‘Uber Don’t-Eats’ – everything available for order on game day with their grocery service. “It tastes like purple!” – Jennifer Coolidge, 2022.


Greek yoghurt brand Oikos has tapped into father-son rivalry, utilising two familiar faces. The legendary NFL player Deion “Primetime” Sanders is showing his Dad side by fighting with his son, rising college quarterback Shedeur Sanders, over who is stronger. Nevertheless, the strongest in wit is undoubtedly the matriarch of the family.


Bud Light Seltzer are advertising the most popular of summer beverages with none other than Guy Fieri playing the Mayor of Flavourtown. His loyal subjects don his signature hairstyle, finding flavour in the newest Bud Light seltzer (and a myriad of special effects).


One of the most bizarre Super Bowl teaser adverts this year, the flavoured rum brand Captain Morgan uses sweeping shots of a futuristic-looking punch bowl that actually interacts – live – with the super bowl game. Consumers are proffered chance to win this, the feat of beverage engineering, ahead of the Super Bowl.



Ever wanted to see Seth Rogen get married to a demon whilst Paul Rudd looks on, bag of crisps in hand? Look no further than the Lays Super Bowl commercial teaser, sharing memories we certainly won’t forget.


Doritos have teamed up with Cheetos for a new Flamin’ Hot flavour, with a commercial that fizzles out as quickly as  it begins. Cameos from Megan Thee Stallion and Charlie Puth recreating Salt n Pepa’s iconic ‘Push It’. Oh and there’s a sloth, too.


Taking the top spot for most bizarre is Busch Light. Another wacky beer ad, but with a twist: Kenny G appears in the sky to play his rendition of the iconic Busch jingle. The full ad will appear in 41 different markets on local TV stations, according to Variety, and we can’t wait to see it.



The unlikely but iconic duo Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are back again, this time to advertise Bic EZ Reach lighters. It’s clear Snoop has lighting more than candles on his mind, and the tongue-in-cheek couple make for a hilarious ad.


Arnold Schwarzenegger has been brought on by BMW to tease their newest range of electric cars. Dressed in ornate garb as Zeus, Greek mythology’s God of thunder, Schwarzenegger orders a macchiato and gets his name mispronounced, probably not for the first time.


The final addition – a crowd favourite – is a Nissan ad with Brie Larson lending her car to Eugene Levy, much to the surprise of Danai Gurira and Dave Bautista. Levy embarks on an action-packed drive, complete with explosions, cool catchphrases, and ombrĂ© wig. The whirlwind ad has us feeling much like Levy looks at the end of the clip: completely baffled, but definitely entertained.



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