YO! rebrand proves to be too much of a mouthful

By on Thursday, September 12, 2019

Earlier this week YO! revealed its latest transformation into “YO!SushiRamenKatsuStirfryCurryBaoBurgerGyozaFriesYakisobaMochiBallsFriedChickenPopcornShrimpBeefTeriyakiChocolateBrownie!”, to highlight the scale of choice on its menu.

Its Richmond branch was rebranded with a monster 121-character sign extending over 12ft, featuring menu options including Ramen, Mochi balls and Beef Teriyaki.

However, following customer feedback, today the restaurant chain has admitted that the new name has proven to be too much of a mouthful – prompting a return of the simpler; ‘YO!’

CEO of YO! Richard Hodgson, says; “We thought it was a great idea to rebrand ourselves YO!SushiRamenKatsuCurryBaoBurgerGyozaFriesYakisobaMochiBallsFriedChickenPopcornShrimpBeefTeriyakiChocolateBrownie just so everyone is clear about what we offer.

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