Facebook Flavoured Ice Cream

By on Saturday, September 7, 2013

As the world’s most popular social network continues to expand faster than a 1970’s Elvis, two Croatian icecreamists have paid tribute to Mr Zuckerberg’s recently valued $100 billion empire by creating ‘Facebook Flavoured Ice-cream’.

Available a single Euro from a small gelato shop in Tisnom, brothers Admir and Idi Adili jumped at the chance to capitalise on Facebook’s renewed media attention by whipping up a something vaguely resembling the social-network’s blue and white colouring.


Reportedly tasting like an incredibly sweet bubble-gum concoction, the Adili boys took their inspiration from one of their daughter’s mild addiction to the site, believing they could translate that popularity into a gelato based fortune. By literally ladling on a bit of ‘Facebook blue’ syrup over some plain vanilla ice-cream, along with the infamous FB logo, the results have been somewhat remarkable – with tourists and locals going mad for the stuff all throughout the summer.

Still awaiting comment from Facebook, Admir and Idi have admitted to ‘overlooking’ any sort of investigation into copyright violations. Taking into account Facebook’s past form in the legal arena, it’s likely the Croatian brothers’ latest creation may be even more limited edition than first thought.



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